Tuesday, May 3, 2011

German Extra Hearty

Today we weeded the garlic. It's the only crop out in the field at this point (the cloves are planted in the fall.) It is a strain of the German Extra Hardy garlic variety. I wouldn't mind if that label was applied to me. I am of mostly German descent, but I think I still have yet to earn the "extra" on the hardy. In the interest of making the title closer to the truth, it seems more appropriate to spell it heart-y. Where my toughness is lacking my love for the work is strong.

Friday we worked more on the construction of the high tunnel, and Monday, the guys put up the frame while I finished the recipe archive --now available in full here:

Monday was also the first day of work for my other coworker who has wowed me with his passion for growing food with his amazing urban homestead project. Check out the blog about it here: http://www.urbanton.com/

As of this week; in charge of the chickens -is what I am. I hold this responsibility in highest regard and am looking forward to spending time with the girls daily.

Tomorrow we start to plant, taking advantage of the brief window full with warm and sun before Thursday's pending rain.

It should be a long, rewarding day.

Keep shining down on us, sun. Let's get things growing.

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