Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Greening and Day Dreaming

It's getting greener. The far away hills are frosted in spring growth.
The chickens are working on getting bigger too as you can see here--chowing down with all their cute little chicken butts up in the air.
I want to knit the bravest of them a little green cap and tie a little kerchief around her neck a la Ginger from the movie Chicken Run (which is awesome.) We'll have to see how that works out.

My proudest invention here yet (necessity being it's mother)
BEHOLD! The bungee cord door-holder-shutter! Thanks to holes in the walls, it works great.
Over lunch we went hunting for morels--we didn't find any, hopefully soon. I did find some delicious ramps though and I was excited to find food on a pretty hike.
The trilliums are pretty too. They're blooming right along with the pretty purple violets (Wisconsin's state flower) which I'm told, means the morels should be out.
Up on this hill, we can see farms across valleys atop neighboring hills. Daily, I steal quick gazes at them and they remind me of the faraway castles in storybooks. I suppose that is what they are to me... as I daydream of living on a farm of my own some day.
Someday. On a farm far away...... (or maybe not so far...)

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