Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Week at the Farm and Dandelion Wine

We moved quite a few loads of quite a few tomato cages
and trellised the cucumbers and indeterminate tomatoes in the high tunnel
we did a LOT of weeding. My favorite kind of weeds are the edible kind, which many sorts of weeds are, it turns out. The best are from the sneaky seeds that stowaway into rows of the veggies planted after them. Pretty red radishes, failing to hide amongst the beets became a quick, spicy, mid-morning field snack.
Most of my time this evening was spent picking dandelions and plucking the soft petals from the green crowns that hold them.
all in preparation for making Dandelion wine
It was a lovely evening for picking and plucking petals in the sun with a delightful 5-year-old helping me out, keeping me company and showing me many things that deserve my attention. But it was a time-consuming project and hours after he had gone to sleep, I was approaching my own bedtime and still working with the fluffy yellow stuff. I hope that this wine will be delicious and worth all the time it takes so that the next time I make it, I will have the foresight to gather friends around a bright kitchen table for this part. To chat with and laugh with and, well, help out.

Many hands make light work and good friends make light hearts. It's true.

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