Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In the Kitchen

there is so much to do and so much to eat!

Yesterday we found some over-wintered leeks in the field and with the surplus seed potatoes
Potato Leek Soup for dinner was in order (this recipe is from The Complete Root Cellar Book which is wonderful and I look forward to using in assistance with building my own root cellar one day.)

Pie (with yummy cornmeal crust from Savoring the Seasons)
Syrup (for rhubarb sodas that I discovered via my favorite blog Soule Mama)
sweet Sauce leftover from the syrup gives apple sauce a run for it's money

We have so much asparagus I tried to pickle a few spears
I'll let you know how they taste! (hopefully spicy and a little garlic-y)

The real excitement in the kitchen last night was when, amidst all this, the door swung open and I heard "There are morels in them there woods!" My coworker proudly beaming and holding a cloth bag filled with 5 pounds of delicious, highly-prized (and highly priced) morels. He generously shared his dinner with me and has inspired me to never give up the search. Before the season is up I must seek out these treasures myself.
Happy hunting to you!

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