Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Walk in the Woods

Despite morning storms, we achieved a lot yesterday at the farm.

And after work there was exploring in the local woods. We looked for morels, ramps and fiddlehead ferns--we found all but the morels but didn't take anything (I did pick and eat a dandelion green and it tasted good.) There were sharp bluffs and giant moss covered rocks and rocks with the sparkly sugary crystals in them --I will have to find out what that's called. Foraging is rewarding if for no other reason than the gorgeous serenity of being there.
Enchanting plants cover the forest floor, I feel like I must be somewhere more exotic than my home state of Wisconsin. But I am not really surprised--any reason to love it here more is a welcome one and I realize that I must spend more time exploring the woods. Who needs distance to travel when we haven't seen all there is around us? As the seasons progress it will all change, transforming the space and becoming new again. Now there little wild flowers everywhere and all the wild plum trees in bloom--white patches of flowers floating in the air through the just budding branches. The cover of these little umbrella-like plants seems especially appropriate for a rainy spring.
It's calm for now, but there are more storms on the way. I'll appreciate the drama of them and the calm after --because it doesn't pay not to. It's all beautiful in its own right. We're pretty lucky in this life.

If it works out I'm planning on attending a local back country art tour called Fresh Art.

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