Monday, May 16, 2011

Fresh Air

I purchased the annual pass to Nugget Lake County Park. We hiked up a steep hill through woods abundant with ramps, wild flowers and interesting pretty rocks. I was told I am like a goat the way I'd snatch a ramp leaf and munch on it.
Reaching the top revealed this lovely view.
As we looked around us, there was more to see...
Geological formations
Wildflowers covering the ground below...
...and up above us the Plum Trees.

We stopped here to fish a bit --we found no takers.
but just sitting listening to the songs of the water and the wildlife, watching the beautiful yellow finches fluttering all around--is what makes fishing such a pleasant experience, fish or no.

Later, back at the farm, the sunny windy day made it perfect conditions for laundry.
There is nothing like fresh line dried sheets.

There's a new tractor in the family that arrived this weekend too.
My first drive on this tractor, or any other for that matter, was pretty exciting for me. We planted potatoes--and my rows were a little wavy, which is not what you go for, but something I'll learn from. There are no straight lines in nature, right?

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