Monday, May 23, 2011

Local Love

They're random, but days that are sunny, cloudy and sporadically rainy are gems. Looking outside at the lit fluffy clouds, seemingly sweet after a weekend of rough weather and in some dear places, severe even, the brightness making peace and suddenly dropping the rain that makes summers here so soo green. Such a way to be.

I spent most of the day pressure-washing the boxes that the freshest cut food will be delivered in just a few weeks. It was refreshing and so will it be. I was in full rain gear, drenched and happy.

Last Thursday I took a mini trip. I did the rounds to Elmwood and Downsville. Elmwood boasts the deliciously award-winning Sailer's Meats and the locally renowned Highland Hollow Coffee. Luckily Sailer's is open late on Thursdays and they sell Highland Hollow's coffee, so I was able to get both. Though the Highland Hollow's store was closed I look forward to finding it open, as they have something else that's near and dear to me. (hint: It's wool.)

Elmwood, already the home of these super, sought-after products, is also home of UFO Days. There have been multiple sightings in this area and the people here have embraced it. I hope to be able to go to their town festival this summer and celebrate with them.
On the way back home I stopped in Downsville, WI. I was taken aback by Simply Dunn, Dunn County Pottery.
Their lovely original shop --still lovely.
Their newly restored 19th century school house building, holding more beautiful pieces and even more so, meetings for local passionates of many great practices.
There are flowers everywhere.
And just beautiful work...
Trust in humanity that replenishes my continued faith in it.
Honest craftsmanship.
All around goodness.

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