Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Picking Dinner

I'm sporting my first sunburn of the season. Yes, I have been wearing sunscreen. I apply it liberally to my head/neck area because the rest of me is pretty well covered--butt I missed a spot. (he he!) I guess I need longer shirts or higher pants or a belt or sunscreen on my lower back/upper butt because it's pretty red from being on my knees laying hay mulch on garlic.

Last night I went on a short walk through the fields and down to the woods with Oscar. It was a beautiful day and so nice to have his company.
I discovered the family's tree swing and swung a little bit.
All the while I was munching on asparagus from the farm family's pick-your-own patch. I had never had raw asparagus before I came here, and like so many other veggies, fresh picked, it is amazing.
The other night I was out picking spinach for dinner on an over-wintered field.
I made a really tasty soup I must say. It was out of a lot of random things in the fridge or freezer. I love making clean-out-the-fridge soups, because I hate to see food go to waste (someone goes to a lot of trouble to grow it and if it doesn't compost it releases more bad gases into the environment) but also--they are some of the best soups out there.

Mine was:
a whole bunch of finely chopped (in my veggie chopper) Spinach
Shallots (from the farm from last year that kept in the freezer/root cellar)
Ham (left over from Easter in my freezer)
a little bit of delicious Ramp Pesto (that was so good on pasta and sandwiches prior)
Wisconsin Crimini Mushrooms that I always have around
some frozen Peas from the freezer
Of course Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil
At the end I added a few cups of Milk that I wouldn't finish before it went, so it was slightly creamy.
The day ended with a fantastic moon rise that pictures in no way can do justice.
This is the kind of gift that this wide open air has to offer and isn't given nearly enough credit for.

I am such a sucker for the sky.

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