Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Weekend and Labor Day Laboring

It was my weekend to be at the farm again and since I couldn't wander off for the holiday weekend, friends wandered my way. We enjoyed the cool, clean fall air camping at Nugget Lake. (I wrote about Nugget Lake here in the spring.) They helped me with my farm chores (and then some,) and we visited some new neato places together....
A beautiful spot, good food (yep, those tiny lobster things are crawfish,) fishing, live music, cute kiddos and dogs running all around
--I'd recommend a visit here to anyone.

There was also lovely local art....
and the corny kinds of things I love

On Labor Day, we labored on the farm (that's why they call it that--right?)
But how could you mind when your job is to pick the prettiest flour corn I have ever seen?
(I wrote about its mesmerizing seed here a few months ago.)
It's called Mandan Bride and the pictures don't do it justice--it's just gorgeous.

Today we tied up cauliflower, which is sizing up nicely
I like how the leaves look in a little ponytail
and tomorrow we'll harvest the season's first cabbage (yum)
--I can't wait to try it and my first ever attempt at making kraut
Next week we'll harvest winter squash, the summer squash is done for the year...it really is fall now, isn't it?

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