Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Now

It's fall. I declare it.

It's difficult to stop myself from thinking, dreaming, anticipating forward. The seasons move me through time fast, marking it with memories, creating a want to hurry up and make more, to get to the greener pasture that lives in my dreams for what I want my life to be--that will forever be changing, moving, growing. Always on the horizon.

But it's good now and I need to remember to stop and savor it. Summer is inevitably too busy and too short and too fun and the first snowfall always gives me a happy flutter. But really I have never had enough of fall.

These beautiful sunny days. Warm in the sun, cool in the shade, sweet smokey, dry leafed breezes. Cozy nights fading to darkness faster all the time.

It's time to hug-wrap your shoulders tight after a hot shower--so cozy like mom used to do after swimming. To sip warm drinks and linger over them, soaking in the steaminess. Put on your toasty woolens, take them off for the warm daytime and back on, sitting up before bed. To lie down in the cool September grass, before it's hard and corse and then buried under frozen crystals.

I love fall.
I don't want to say goodbye to summer, luckily fall helps us step away from it sweetly--slightly at first until all the sudden.... the tree leaves are aflame with color--and then the fire is blown out like a match, to cold winter. But not yet. Taking the time to truly fully enjoy it, to breath it all in, stop and stare at it, be in it. And tuck away the thoughts that already drift to snow for awhile longer, while slowly letting the clinging to summer go...

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