Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Weekend in Wisconsin

For six years now, friends have gathered for a weekend of joy. My loving and generous parents have shared their spot on the lake we fittingly call "Heaven."
It was a beautiful weekend. There was much swimming, or simply floating. Here we attempted to make a W, for Wisconsin of course--you can kinda see it.
There were triumphs in waterskiing!
Trophies in fishing! (well, I thought it was a keeper.)
Rope swinging with flair!
Canoe and kayak trips to a secret pretty spot.
Canoe flipping in the spirit of fun.
We ooooo'ed and ahhhhh'ed at the weather from indoors, taking a break from the water to watch the storm pass.
It was a beautiful, beautiful weekend.
and of course there was plenty of knitting!
And there still is as this busy summer time meets a deadline for a very very very important and very very very wonderful celebration.

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