Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Week Recap

Tuesday night I spent the evening after work at the kitchen table with one of my oldest and best friends. Making dinner, sitting, chatting, recollecting, voicing, venting and giggling. Being out here on the farm, I miss this and need it more frequently--always! I really need to work on keeping my kitchen table full when I move to place where the kitchen is in the house.... yeah, that's going to be nice.

It's been a busy week... I have been:

Still preserving...
Pickles! An extra spicy jar for my brother, one without garlic for my Pa and the rest for the rest of us!

I've been watching and playing a little over-grown summer squash baseball...
and, as promised... finding crazy carrots:

Alien Squid Carrots!
Spooky Ghost Carrots
ummmm.... Peg-Arm Carrot?
Carrot Carrying a Sack of Potatoes? (how ironic--tubers...)
just a crazy bunch of Carrots
and a couple dancing....

I've been thinking about family constantly this week. As we move through changes....
The longer I live, the more I learn about love and loss. There is never enough time--I will always want more. I have to take what time I am given with the ones I have been given to love, to love them as much as I can. To soak them in, and make sure they are a part of me --that I share this wonderful world with them and share wonderful them with the world.

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  1. Today, before my attempt at canning tomato sauce with YOUR tomatoes, we had YOUR boiled beets and thought of YOU with every delicious bite! Miss and love YOU!