Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day Dreaming on New Beginnings

Last week I posted this picture
This, is the future residence of my future chickens. (just need to get 'er fixed up and painted...)

This is the coop that sits on the family farm that Buster and I will be moving to in November
And I can't wait.

Some 60 years ago, my Grandparents purchased this farm
They have told me so many stories about this farm and those from their childhood...about being stuck in a snowstorm and having to sleep in the barn with the cows to stay warm ...about feeding friends, family, crew and traveling strangers --all the love, laughs, warm meals, card games... and so much more I don't even know, and I never will know it all--but I'll take what I can get.

Growing veggies and raising animals, canning, preserving-- was all second nature to them.
A way of life. And I have so much to learn.

And I am learning all the time...

Grandpa's quiet, knowing, smiling spirit will be with us always --and Grandma still proclaims "You can't beat fun!"
They will always be in my heart and especially around the kitchen table at the farm, or really any kitchen table --sharing a meal or a round of cards.
And I hope to make my parents proud... in terms of elbow grease, organization and maybe even surprise us both by becoming "handy" (--you know, with tools and stuff.) We'll see... But I can't thank them enough for this good life they've given and inspired--it just isn't possible. I am just so lucky. I should really start letting them win at Pinochle again soon.

I will be renting the farmhouse from wonderful family --I thank them so much for their support. I hope they're ready for a farm fresh bounty delivered to their doors next year!
I can't wait to share it.

And the blogging will continue at the family farm--because I plan on getting a goat you know. I can only imagine the fun and hilarity that comes with a goat. And you know, you can't beat fun.


  1. Momma Bird has already requested a spot on your SKA client list (supporting Kara's agriculture). If you'll make trips here, me too!

  2. Hey Kara!! Your Mom gave me your blog address... it is wonderful! It looks like you are having so much fun and you really can't beat fresh veggies and fruit. Do you deliver to La Crosse?!? Take care! Stephany