Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Out West and back to Harvest

This past weekend fortunate me traveled to the beautiful state of Montana
to continue the life-long celebration with just a little (for now) more dancing and whole lot more new, sweet and wonderful family.
A second reception to rejoice with and meet all the lovely people that my new brother comes with--my sister is a really lucky girl, and her amazing self deserves every bit of it.

This week at the farm has been all about harvesting. Monday was devoted to picking a ton and half (literally) of yellow onions--all my clothes smelled like soup, not a bad thing.

And today we harvested more red potatoes--I have a new World's Smallest...
and there was a "W" (for Wisconsin)
We cleaned them all with the veggie-cleanin-machine
and I found my favorite character--this big-nosed, cute, old-man-esque tater
And here's a toothless cyclops pepper guy.
On a younger note, my co-worker tells me this guy is just a baby. A common garden spider in this area, an Argiope, had built it's web in the tomatoes in the high tunnel. It forms the zig-zag, I'm told, mimic the sun, and flies (who enjoy light) will be attracted to it and fly on in. A fly was thrown, sacrificially--for our curiosity, into the web. The spider pounced and 8 seconds later the fly was entirely mummified and the spider was resting once again in the middle of it's web.
There is just so much out there to be amazed at--we all need to get out and find it more often.

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