Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm so tired!

I keep thinking-- "This is the hardest job (physically) that I will ever do." It wears me out--I am spent at the end of the day... I feel like a zombie. --a zombie with big new muscles though, yeah.... And I do love it. I really do.

Last week and this we have been reseting the High Tunnel. We tore out all the tomato plants. It broke my heart a little when I know so many are waiting patiently for their tomatoes to ripen. But it was time and the field tomatoes are coming strong now.
a new start..

Monday night I canned a bunch of the tomatoes from the High Tunnel that were left on those ripped out plants.
as well as made pesto with the basil plants we ripped out last Thursday
It feels good to have some food put up for the winter ahead.

Tuesday night I made a cheesecake and knitted and knitted and knitted in an after-work-zombie trance.... and I finished a little hat (for my niece of course.)
and her fall sweater is in the works
and here at the farm, there is more work in the works, because there is bountiful, beautiful food to harvest....
and I need to get more sleep.

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