Monday, July 25, 2011

On a Monday

Our Fridays at the farm usually include mowing the yard and I usually get to ride the John Deere rider mower around the expanse, around all the little trees I dare not run over.... Today I got to drive the tractor to mow the outlying fields and it was a similar deal on a much larger, much more powerful scale. It's a bit intimidating, but welcome experience to switch that out for a comfort level. While persistently alert to everything in your radius, there is also some thinking time sitting up there --and some trying to sing over the engine.

Tonight I had a date. Dinner and a card game with a mother/daughter combo that have loved and laughed through life --sparking that fire to those in their presence, making all warm and bright. They have each taken great care of so many so selflessly--and have taken care of each other--and they continue to.

They are my Aunt and my Grandma. They laugh and crack jokes endlessly. They feed you full and then some --and the food is so good you want to stop but almost can't. They take life and themselves lightly and they are soo strong.

And that's so important, because things are getting harder, memories of a mind are fading, and it's scary and sad.
But the heart is there, that is holding it's own--and the laughter is inescapable. Though I wish we never had to grow older, or that health never slipped away--this situation is as happy as a sad one can be--and I'm grateful for that. To my Aunt, a pure and simple saint, and my Grandma, the type of person who is incapable of sweating the small stuff, and knows that so much stuff is so soooo small, it's tiny--and she'd rather have a big laugh.

They are great women, wonderful teachers and a joy to be with.

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