Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fall-ish Farm Food Fun

It's cool and breezy and starting to feel ever so slightly quite fallish tonight.
It's perfect stew weather and as luck would have it I had fired up the crockpot the other day. I am diggin' it--and diggin' into it--with a spoon. In the first stew of the season:
There are:
2 pint cans of tomatoes--from last fall--time to use them and free up those jars for this year!
2 small onions
1 clove of garlic
1 lb of local ground pork
5 red potatoes
6 carrots
a hefty dose of Moroccan Spices
a little bit of olive oil
aaaaaand... yum.

I've loved it over bread (I love how the bread turns into a giant dumpling) with cottage cheese on top for dinner, and this morning it was so good mixed in with scrambled eggs. I can't wait to try it other ways. Yay for crockpots and fun with leftovers.

There are more carrot people on the way for you, but for now, I couldn't help documenting every single eggplant with a nose on Thursday while we packed up the CSA boxes.
Here they all are:
I enjoy the effect of hair their green tops gives them too--they kinda look like the Beatles to me--all mop toppy.

Sometimes, when the zucchinis get too big, we carve them into Zuke-people. The brilliant 9-year-old on the farm has joined in on the fun and shown us her talents, far surpassing my own.
Check out this Zuclear family she's made.
Happy Friday!

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