Monday, August 22, 2011

Alpacas! Sweet, Humming, Mop-topped, Fiber-bearing Alpacas

My fantastic Aunt (just a wonderful, wonderful lady--the best) took me to see some Alpacas tonight. It was awesome. They are such sweet, soft, funny creatures--cute on so many levels. My Aunt is friends with the couple that owns them and they are such neat people. They adore their animals and spin the most luxuriously soft, silky, beautiful yarn with their fleece. I can't wait to go back to visit again soon and come away with some of that gorgeous.
Here is their website:
This little gal was born last week. Her name is Peek-a-boo. Adorable. A few of the ladies are pregnant and due soon so she'll have playmates to bounce around with. SO adorable. I learned last night that the momma's hum and cluck to their little ones--so very momma-like. Ridiculously adorable.

I may have to add a couple of Alpacas to my farm animal dreams, I may have already... maybe someday... soon?

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