Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flowering to Seed

Aren't plants amazing?! I will never not be in wonder of them.... --how they come from a tiny seed, grow and grow and then come full circle. I learned last week that cilantro seeds are the same thing as coriander. Such a fantastic, useful life...
and I've been marveling at the beautiful garlic flowers composed of tiny garlic cloves.
For us and for plants, growing takes time and the time it takes is always filled with newness, with the unknown and anticipated. Also with the fruits of our labor, the building of our character and the memories we make. May we all always grow, flower and give back.

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  1. Well said! I am always amazed with the tireless growing and giving of plants; they don't care about politics or get wrapped up in their own selfishness, they just keep on growing and cycling through the year, taking the energy given to them and making the best of it (and hopefully teaching us to do the same).