Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There and Here

I had a fantastic weekend in Utah...
visiting the Farmer's Market
the beautiful Thanksgiving Point Gardens
hiking the trails in the Wasatch Mountain Range

But really, the weekend was about family. My sisters, and new honorary sister (sister's sister-in-law-to-be,) plus my niece and given brother had a sweet celebratory weekend. A pre-celebration for a momentous occasion, fast approaching.

My niece is growing so fast, showing her personality more all the time. She's starting to "talk" to us. She tells the best stories.
She graciously modeled her recently finished ruffle butt shorts (still a bit big) from this post and the pattern again is here.
I just love her--everything about her... the way she is constantly playing with her hands (I swear she's going to be a knitter..)
and her adorable, mischievous smile that she graces us with on her own terms.

Back at the farm....

Today we moved the chickens, coop and all to a fresher, greener pasture. The chickens rode in their mobile home out into the fields to their new location --it was pretty amusing to witness...
They seem as content as ever
and providing more and more all the time

We harvested potatoes, dug them out of the ground--such an amazing plant.
and the first round of tomatoes look delicious

It has been hot and humid here the last few days. Yesterday was particularly brutal, so when I opened the door of the granary this morning and saw this:
I thought, "I'll take it--I hope it's like this all day." Humid yes, but at least we were spared the beating sun in tandem.

The sun did threaten...
But it stayed under the haze for us most of the day.
It slowly turned into storms all around us.
But we were never hit, and by the end of the day, the sun arrived with a partner in a somewhat saving wind
And I was grateful for the day--all that it gave us. The harvest, the haze, --the sweet memories of a weekend filled with loved ones.

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