Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Edibles

It is a bit surprising to see food that I'm used to buying in the store growing in the ground. It often looks so different --so much more beautiful and real. Beets are all different sizes and have imperfections--they do not grow perfectly round. They are shaped by the nutritious soil they grew in. All snuggled up next to each other, growing where they can.
Onions have beautiful green tops --like exploded scallions. Seeing them in their full plant form, they look so much alike their similar onion counterparts, and like leeks and ramps! It reminds me that plants have family too.
And garlic! Garlic is not a favorite of everyone in my family, but personally, I love it. I love how you plant it in the fall and it's one of the first to spring up with the spring--the first warm days of the year. And it just tastes great of course, and helps out so many meals--such a trooper.
Oh and we harvested carrots today too! (They're our speciality.) I didn't get a photo of them yet, but I have some ideas to make them a little more interesting--since they couldn't possibly get any tastier. But that's another post.

It felt like fall here again today--looks as though tomorrow will follow suit before we're hit with another wave of heat, which I know the plants and their fruits will love. For now though, --though I don't wish for the fall to hurry, I'm in love with the energy in the air right now. A little break to refresh us, like a jump in a lake.

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