Sunday, June 26, 2011

Setting for a Lazy Sunday

It's my weekend to be on call at the farm--which means I pick food that's ready (we don't want anything to explode and we're not the type that tolerates giant zucchini,) I'm on chicken patrol and I water. It's pretty relaxing all told.
It's been a nice weekend to finish an old project --I finally finished hand-stitching on the binding to this little scrap quilt--it's nothing fancy, and not sewn to perfection, but it makes a great small lap quilt or a sit-in-the-grass-and-read-and-knit quilt, which is what I used it for today.
There was even room enough for three of us as the farm family kids joined me for a bit to talk knitting, throw some leaves, toss the yarn balls around and such. It's always nice to have company on a blanket.
Oh and I love knitting in the round--it makes knitting and reading pretty easy. I just cast this project on this morning on a whim--it's to match Lexie's Lilac Dress from this post and this post which I never posted the source of the cute cute pattern for--it's here. I'm making frilled shorts from the same Pickles people that go with a similar style dress, but for now I'm just making the shorts, which can be found here and hopefully will look like this (photo from Pickles website):
You may feel the need to shield your eyes from the excessive cuteness of these--I urge you not to, soak it all in--they are sooooooo cute.

Such a nice lazy day, big cat and and big dog lounge in peace--as they might, the mellow things.

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  1. Adorableness abounds! The quilt, the knitted goodness, the baby legs, and the big happy animals. Love!