Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time Escapes Me

I can't believe I've let an entire week go by without writing. Not without effort though, I have tried several nights, but sleep has taken me over first, every time. But there really has been so much going on. July is a very busy time at the farm and the holiday weekend was nonstop fun.

So here's what I've been up to....
Watching storms
and seeing Rainbows (Chard!)
collecting eggs (and maybe dressing them up a little) our girls finally started to lay!
admiring cute, creative solutions
basking on a beautiful river beach
floating in a lake
eating the first sweet raspberries and watching them,
and the tomatoes ripen with anticipation

Last night my co-worker and I made the short trek to A to Z Farm for their very popular (people come from miles around,) totally tasty pizza night.
So here's the deal with A to Z Pizza... it is delicious! BUT! It comes with so much more! Firstly, they grow everything (that they can) that it's made of--they even make the flour for the dough. Amazing. But also, it's BYOEE (Bring Your Own Everything Else) --you want something to drink? Bring it. a side dish? Bring it. a blanket/chair/table? silverware? plate? centerpiece? Bring it. Pick a spot in the grass (expansive, well shaded, lovely trees) and enjoy yourself (and the food! oooooo.... the food... mmmmmmm....) And it is a beautiful spot to be. I was amused by the little girls chasing kittens every which way and the kittens' abilities to elude them...

and again and again, I am forever impressed by the ever changing, always gorgeous abyss above me. I can be nothing but grateful for the expanse here to soak into my vision. It's always a beautiful day.
More tomorrow... good night wishes!

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  1. So much beauty, abundance, and loveliness!