Thursday, July 7, 2011

seeing Silver

Today we delivered the shares to our members. It takes most of the day, and you would think that sitting in a truck would be a welcome break from farm labor, but I find it more tiring and less invigorating. There is a fantastic silver lining however, --I can knit for a good 3-4 hours, which is lovely and really helping me get some very special projects done for some very special someones. In fact I just finished the frill shorts (ruffle-butt shorts is my preferred name) from this post--photos coming soon.

Speaking of silver linings.... look at how beautiful kale becomes under water. After we harvest we wash all of our produce and kale has to be the prettiest wet--it just shines.
We also wash all the boxes prior to packing them--that's a lot of boxes
Meeting some of our members on the route is always fantastic. I love how excited children get about the box of veggies and how happy it makes their parents. And how they share that excitement and add to it with education about food and farming. Food is so important in families. Of course we need it to survive, but also it's how we nourish each other. We feed each other to share an experience, to make each other well, to enjoy time together. Whether it is around a table, in the grass, in an ice cream shop--it's a wonderful thing to eat and enjoy and really appreciate food and those we get share it with. I was lucky enough tonight to dine with two wonderful amazing friends that stopped by for a visit. Soooo lucky.

Post deliveries, back at the farm I got to hang out with chickens a bit, who I think are still becoming ever friendlier. (I think it is a cue for more chicken knitting...)

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