Thursday, July 14, 2011

Carrot People

Our first harvest of carrots this season is beautiful. I love all the color we've had in the box this week--the usual greens, the whites of the garlic and onions, the deep red beets and this vibrant carrot orange. The ones in my hand below are actually rejects--not perfect enough for CSA members, but perfectly delicious for me.
This bunch of rejects, with all their imperfections, have so much more character --which makes them so much more fun.
I call them carrot people.
They can be a whimsical bunch--dancing and frolicking....
...or very chill, enjoying a nice sit on a splendid day.

I think it's good to be both... you know, we can learn a lot from carrots, especially the rejects.

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  1. soooo very cute, and I am sure equally as delicious! making me smile!