Monday, July 11, 2011

More and more

There are sooo many raspberries--it's fantastic. They're seemingly never-ending. I can't stop eating them and find myself reaching forever for "just one more" while I fill my bowl. I wish you all bountiful raspberries in life.

Any excuse to swing by the raspberry patch (between tasks) for a quick handful as a reward for hard work is taken. Today, (as we do many days) we weeded, by hand, for several hours. My co-weeder calculated about 1200 feet, almost a quarter mile. The ensuing raspberries tasted extra sweet.
weeded we crawled through the herbs pulling the instrusive out--we spotted this guy in the parsley

I thought he was cute already, but my buddy showed me that if you nudge him, he rises up and grows antlers!
thank you Mr. Caterpillar for an amusing surprise during some tedious (though extremely necessary and "fun" in it's own right) times.

I looked the little green guy up after work and discovered that he will transform into a gorgeous swallowtail butterfly--he just keeps getting better.

More and more eggs are coming all the time and today I could hardly believe it, I witnessed a chicken lay. This morning there was just one egg in one of the nesting boxes and one chicken in another. I picked up the egg, looked over and out popped another! She must be experienced by now because it gave her no trouble at all. We will have about 24 eggs a day once they all are laying, but so far it's been a gradual climb. From 1 to 2, to 4, to 5 and then 6 and today--9! Almost a full carton --they're getting pretty good at this. Breakfasts and baking just got semi-urgent--I've got to keep up!

A great start to the week after another super weekend with wonderful wonderful friends. I even got to ride my bike around, which you can tell below, what with the growth, I don't get nearly much at all on the farm.
Welcome new week--show us all the good stuff you've got.


  1. What a beautiful caterpillar. I have always wanted to find a swallowtail. You are so lucky!

  2. Those raspberries are sooo delicious! Lots of weeding here, too, a calming reminder to give constant care and consideration to our little plant friends, and when they grow big enough they can help push out those weed bullies!

  3. You said it Katie! Kim, maybe you can collect some when you come visit in a couple weeks! They love to eat parsley, fennel and dill--the flavorful stuff.