Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chicken Adorned

This week's box! --they just keep getting prettier and more delicious.


I said I'd do it and I did. In this post--I confessed my desire to fashion a knit chicken hat and a scarf.
Here it is! Modeled by a charming, not super-excited about it, hen.
(No chickens were harmed in this photo shoot--only accessorized.)
Isn't she lovely?

Makes you want to go watch Chicken Run, no? Yes.

Have a peaceful night
and a bright new morning


  1. OH MY GOLLY!!! That is the cutest thing ever, seriously love it! please please say you will make one for one of my future ladies!

  2. you are too funny!!!! i still need to see that movie!! :)

  3. so cute Kara, you're so creative! :)

  4. Gardening and knitting together - I'm in heaven!