Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Harvest

Oh boy was yesterday hot...
But not too grueling--we weeded in the morning and spent a portion of the afternoon pouring warm, golden honey, a perfect day for it.

After work, in preparation for the harvest day mid-morning snack (we start an hour earlier on harvest days, so it keeps us going until lunch) I made some ginger snaps (recipe from Savoring Seasons Of Northern Heartland) to be served with refreshing rhubarb sodas.

Today we harvested:
Red Lettuce
Green Lettuce
Pea Shoots
and Radishes

everything was picked, bunched and washed
--ready to be packed up in the CSA boxes tomorrow.
Aren't the radishes beautiful? They make such a pretty bouquet.

CSA Members will also be getting 4 potted herbs in their boxes for them to plant and use as they grow all summer long. A great resource for every kitchen.

Our first harvest was a good excuse to break out my two awesome prairie bonnets made for me by two dear friends. (Don't I just have the best friends? Yes. Yes I do.)
Bonnets make farming even more fun.

After the long day I made a super fresh, super local dinner. Pasta with mushrooms, spinach, arugula, green garlic, and home-made ricotta (made with milk from the dairy down the street.) It was dee-licious.

Buster is losing weight (I think) and seems to be resting up here for his next big pounce.

It's much cooler here now--quite the shift. It amazes me how quickly things change, how fast time moves, how much there is to do always. But it's steady and good. It doesn't get overwhelming--it's a lovely work/life balance. I feel lucky for the quiet time I have after work to learn, to explore and to create. Even though there's so much I'd like to do I have few commitments, it's such a lovely thing to not be busy. And you know, it's not boring at all--it's pretty great. It's so hard to be bored in this world where there's so much to learn and read and see and do --I think boredom is a choice we can all decide to pass up on. Yeah? You bet!

A good night to you all!


  1. I love it! And Buster is looking quite svelte!
    Maybe he needs a bonnet?? :)

  2. He would look sooooo cute!