Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happiness and Harvest

There are some really good reasons I haven't posted yet this week--and they are all family.
The newest member of our close-knit, love-full bunch draws us all in even closer together and makes everyone of us smile.
She looks so cute (always and also) in her Lilac dress and hat.
...she is sooo fun to knit for
she just really has a hold on me.

Today was our second harvest, a much longer, rainier day than last week.
The time passing I hardly noticed, the rain's mud though, was impossible to miss.
We harvested the same delicious items we did last week, plus these wonderful additions...
Pac Choi
and tasty Hakurei Turnips

It was really pleasant to be out in a warm, soft rain. As the day went on the weather put on a stunning show for us. It brightened the mist, cleared and then, breaking out in sun with all sorts of fluffy or stormy clouds moving in, interspersed in blue sky --making the light beautiful everywhere it touched.

The Dandelion Wine is still in the works --finishing up fermenting before corking. When the balloons remain deflated for 24 hours it's done and in 6 months we'll see how it tastes.

Last Friday night I went into town to listen to a local band and was floored by what I heard. Left Wing Bourbon is definitely worth a listen--an absolutely timeless blues sound. Highest recommendations from me.

Love love love!


  1. What a doll! I think she might be the luckiest niece in the world.

  2. Your niece is absolutely beautiful, no surprise she's got a-hold of your heart. Lucky you and lucky family! And such precious, lovely, hand-knitted goodness!