Monday, June 6, 2011

Crushing Heat and Crushing Bugs

The morning welcoming committee:
The chickens are getting bigger, so they eat more and because they eat more, they're getting bigger and friendlier--because they like to eat. My co-worker (who has chickens of his own) told me he can tell they will lay soon, because he heard some of them sing the chicken song, the "bock-bock-bock-ba-BOCK!" is apparently the song they sing (and practice prior too) when laying eggs. He also told me that, much like my Buster, chickens can catch mice! They don't like them in their space and will catch, eat and fight over them. Things I didn't know about chickens..... but glad I'm learning!

Friends brightened my already lovely weekend. Sunday, after such a nice Saturday, a stunning wild flower and foliage filled walk, I caught my first fish of the season on the Kinnickinnic.
A small mouth bass ("A male bass," my Grampa would say, with his mischievous smile, "all the large mouth bass are female." Always with a quiet chuckle, always a kind, happy soul. I miss him much.) I thanked the fish and gave him a kiss before releasing him, for choosing my bait and for putting up with some trauma for my enjoyment.
The Kinnickinnic is such a beautiful river. A little bird danced for us as we patiently waited for the fish to bite some more.

Yesterday and today were legitimate scorchers and we're looking forward to cooler weather tomorrow. It's a big week--we'll have our first harvest and it's so exciting to see how big and how edible things are getting.
And the Tomatoes and Cucumbers in the high tunnel are thriving and will be ready soon.
Watch out for these guys! We spent a good chunk of time yesterday squashing potato bugs. They're neat looking, but they are mean to our potatoes and we can't have that--so, they must be crushed.
Stay cool as a cucumber! (but watch out for cucumber bugs!)

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  1. It never fails to amaze me how it seems like such a looooong wait to put things in the ground, and then it seems like the blink of an eye and things are suddenly ready to eat! Such is the time of busy spring/summers. I picked my first prizes of the season yesterday, a few delicious radishes, and there will be peas before you know it!