Thursday, June 23, 2011

Put a Sweater on it!

It feels fall here but you can taste and smell summer still in this week's box!
Packed with an artistic flair: Red Lettuce, Butter Lettuce (as good as it sounds,) Wild Arugula (spicy!,) Spinach (so good,) Rapini, Collards, Escarole(mmmmm.. bitter greens,) Scallions, Radishes, Turnips, either a Cucumber or a head of Broccoli and half of the members got (amazing, so tasty) Strawberries, the other half will get theirs next week.

It was my turn to help out with deliveries, so this week I saw where all this food goes--one of the stops was right in my old Minneapolis neighborhood.
Meeting a few of the members who host the drop-off sites and make this community supported, community building endeavor even warmer and stronger was a delight.

At one of the stops, my delivery buddy hopped out and ran across the city street, returning to present me with 4 puffball mushrooms growing on the boulevard. He has quite the eye for mushrooms and very generously shared his city forage with me--needless to say this addition to dinner immediately became the highlight.
Puffball Mushroom

Of course there was a knitting project in the truck (never leave home without!) --keeping with the chicken theme, I present to you, an egg (sweater) cozy.
I'm hoping it's just the inspiration the girls need to start laying. This pattern is from the adorable book, Weekend Knitting. Why? you ask, would anyone ever, ever, need an egg cozy? Well, (besides an insane tiny sweater cuteness factor that might double as doll clothing nicely) I have a volunteered theory-- as I was curious myself. Yesterday, we all sat down together for a harvest lunch--a beautiful, absolutely delicious (I want for a stronger word) meal. Our guest chef, (my farm family's matriarch being the primary artist) is considered most knowledgeable on all things chickens. She offered this potentiality: It used to be that chickens were hard to come by, and women, hoping to procure one of their own to provide the precious food source eggs supply, would get a fertilized egg and carry it in their bosom to keep it warm so that it might hatch for them to raise and enjoy the bounty of ......and it might be more comfortable to carry and closer to feathers to snuggle it in wool? I think I have that right--and it's a theory anyway, but a fun, interesting one--isn't it? It really is.

This gal thinks so too...
"My what a lovely egg sweater!"

Hen Sleepover! or "How many of us can we cram into this one nesting box?"

They are just so much fun--and I imagine there's more in store.
I can't even imagine that there is not.

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