Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin Day

Saturday was Pumpkin Day. The members of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) who fund this farm by buying shares of the food we grow all season long, were invited out to see where it comes from.

Pot luck dinner, apple cider and a hay ride out to the pumpkin field for the choosing of the pumpkins that would travel back home with them.
So many energized kids bounding with enthusiasm for plants, rocks, bugs, new friends --they need no more of an icebreaker than "want to play?"
Music, beautiful and perfect for the setting was courtesy of the fantastically talented, really lovely ladies of The Ditch Lilies.
The evening fire brought the day to the satisfying end that warm, mesmerizing flames on a clear chilly night after a gorgeous afternoon do.
Meeting these people, who are the reason we can do this, whose thanks I return with so much gratitude, --it was encouraging. Together we've built something based on trust, on hard work and on a belief in a better way of growing, buying and eating food. Pretty awesome.


  1. It was a day with all kinds of beautiful. Thanks for the fun!

  2. It was. The fun was my pleasure --anytime! Thank you!

  3. Want to go for a bike ride or something next time you're in town? bconnell at gmail :-)