Saturday, October 15, 2011


Any good adventure story will make apparent that triumphant endings are just not triumphant at all if there is nothing to overcome. Scary, but exciting... the potential of the possibilities! And when you know all is well and right, it is oh so rewarding. This summer I've learned that some things are too important not to be patient for, too important to allow impulses. You just have to wait for things to grow into what they're going to be, through the sun and rain, there's no way to speed it up--life will take the time it needs. Patience is easy when you finally figure out what those important things really are. I am so happy to know what is most important to me. And happy for the journey behind and ahead, the clarity going forward and the adventure of it all.

I've found out that the most amazing thing about this planet, is the people that are on it.

This past weekend was again, full of these people. Staying with friends (the best--just the best people) in the city again I discovered a whole new part of Minneapolis I never knew existed in their neighborhood. It is full of incredible things all kinds of fantastic people are doing. I lived in Minneapolis for 5 years and learned I still have so much new to be inspired by--and I am. So here's a short tour of just some of what we saw during our bicycle travel --the best kind:
so many colorful murals telling stories
the work of an amazing program I would love to be involved in someday: Youth Farm
a new Fire Arts Center --I would love to try this
maybe the coolest, was Leonardo's Basement
I've never heard of this place before and it looked super cool. They teach kids about designing and building art with science and technology--I want in.

the random--I always love this stuff
I think it's a dinosaur?....

Lastly an afghan blanket bomb--a form of yarn-bombing I hadn't yet seen--very pretty.

People are just out there, doing inspiring things all the time. I aspire to be one of them.

Someone smart told me lately,
"Focus on what you want because if you focus on what you don't want, that's what you'll get." I'm ready to focus.

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