Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Falling Leaves Art Tour

The past Sunday was spent driving around the countryside seeking out the stops on the Falling Leaves Art Tour. The the sun scored the kaleidoscope stained scape. It was gorgeous. Greater still was the talent and the remarkable personalities who held it. They were tremendously inspiring.

Pretty, recycled metal sculpture--made of old tractor parts, old tools, old baking pans--you name it.

This guy was my favorite--I'm a sucker for cute old men, and he made ceramic animal whistles that you have to kiss to whistle. I'm partial to the fish, since I like to kiss fish anyway...

The striking work of amazing painters-- each voice and vision all their own.

Others pulling the natural world into the home, with the vibrance of butterflies and comfort of wood grain, functional earthy pottery... There was so much goodness--so much that these seemingly everyday folk have done. They are extraordinary.

The historic structures on the way were also super neat.
There is so much to see out there... everywhere...

And, I keep thinking I'm going to lay off the carrot photos... but this one braided itself, so I couldn't let the effort go unnoticed.
Signing off with the sky....

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