Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The last....

We're still harvesting--the last of the greens are very happily growing in the high tunnel that we built when I first arrived. It has already had 2 successful plantings this season. Last Friday I hoed inside and most of the weeds were little tomato plants from the first planting --little seeds trying to make their former fruits proud. It felt a little wrong to cut them down--even though it's October--I just never want to deny life to a tomato for some reason. There are just a few weeks left. And it's been a great season. I've learned more than I ever bargained for and I'm much heartier and I'm happy about both. I'm really excited to move on to what's next now though, it's so close, I just want to reach out and grab it and get going.

We harvested the last of the carrots this week on Monday, when the farm was graced by the previous year's intern and her very own crew from the Wellspring CSA near Milwaukee that she has managed this season. They worked with us--lightening the day's load and quickening the pace of it. That evening we all sat down for dinner together and it was so encouraging to be with like-minded folks with a shared goal--all trying to do their part. We are not alone, lonely as farming can be sometimes. It was, as always great to have some company and I hope I have lots and lots of visitors, who visit often at my next home.

The last of the carrots, of course, means the last of the carrot pictures. This one is an idea for a Valentine that my boss had--and since I love puns, it made me laugh and I thought I'd share it.

Do you CARROT all about me?
I thought the photo was fitting. Such sweet loving carrots. Awwwwww......

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  1. Kara, thank you for your updates about Hogsback this summer. It was really fun to read about the growing and harvesting of the food that ends up on our plates, and I'll miss it next year. Best wishes in your future endeavors.