Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's getting to where I can say it's cold now. (I am COLD. I feel a bit guilty about the word "cold," in my family, we prefer the term "refreshing..." --I am COLD.) Whether we're out in the wind harvesting or in the packing shed washing the harvest, there is a definite chill that sets into your bones. Living here as an intern, I have a bit of my ego wrapped up in being tough. ....but as I sit here, writing this in the very drafty, not heated or insulated granary --suddenly I hear rain --that's not going to help things. Wet and cold is, well, wet and cold. Wet and cold and having lifted crates full of root vegetables and tubers much of the day --that will knock you out. I'm caring less about my tough caliber and I'm more and more excited to be in comfort very very soon.

So let us remember warmer times.... Friday I de-cobbed corn. (Interested in making a corncob pipe? I have a source.) I found a new appreciation for corn flour. This antique de-cobber is amazing, but for any volume, very, very time consuming--I did this for 3 plus hours and made a small dent.
Lucky me though, there was NPR to listen to and lots to think about --and it may have been a monotonous task, but this corn is beautiful to look at...
This last one, it may as well be the fall-time sky.

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