Monday, April 25, 2011

Manual Labor Monday

Common Sense doesn't get the respect it deserves. "Common" just sounds so undistinguished. But it's knowledge that is tried and true --the stuff that you should probably keep at the ready in your head at all times. Little things, like wearing rubber boots and leather work gloves can make a big difference (especially if you need your fingers in good shape for knitting.)

Fingerless gloves have also been very good to me here as the temperatures are taking their time to get to a consistently comfortable level. I made myself a few more pairs out of old Smart Wool socks that had holes in the toes--free tip for you all there.

Today we conquered the task of digging 38 holes (27 inches deep, 12 inches in diameter) as a next step in the construction of the high tunnel. Though we had the help of heavy machinery for about half of them and I personally was easily the slowest digger of us all--it was more digging than I've ever done before and I could feel it. I'm guessing I'll feel it tomorrow too, but it was a beautiful day and I appreciate the honesty of this kind of work. You can't fake it. We have our physical limits and all we can do is push them to make them greater. It's humbling and I'm hopeful that I'll have big strong arm muscles by the end of the season.

My co-worker, always generous with his knowledge, his stories and a hand to help, (also generously) brought me some super tasty Ramps (wild leeks that grow around here.) If you come across any I recommend giving them a try. I hear you can eat Nettles too, we have a bunch growing around the farm--but I've yet to try them--I'll let you know.


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