Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farm Life

This April through October I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to work on a farm, learn more about how to be self-sufficient and attempt to further figure out what I think I want in life--to find out if the farm is where I really want to be, or something I've romanticized for a good chunk of my worldly being.

My living quarters are a bit rustic (a word my Dad used--and I think fits) by most people's standards, but pretty, if you ask me. It's also pretty roomy, and comes with built-in nature sounds (sparrows live just above my ceiling.) This building was an old granary on the farm, now it's where Buster (the cat) and I call home

Luckily we have the family's guard dog, Oscar, looking out for us. (He is enormous and oh-so-lovable)

It's been a bit chilly this week and since the ground isn't ready for us yet, we've been spending most of our time in the greenhouse listening to Wisconsin Public Radio while tending to the plants that will provide so much this season. This process of life and growth never fails to amaze me. --they were seeds, and now they're plants--and in the not too distant future (though we can hardly wait) they'll provide us with bountiful, nutritious, delicious food.

Yesterday we moved the chickens to their outdoor coop. Apparently it's best to transport them by grabbing them by their feet and holding them upside down --it calms them. There were up to four in one hand as they were being caught to crate up--a bouquet of chickens. They're entertaining little ladies, expected to start laying in July. Farm fresh egg breakfasts can't come soon enough.

Today, with the weather being a bit nicer, we worked outside mostly. We plotted out the high tunnel that will go in soon to house tomatoes and laid a deer fence around the fields. Up on this hill we can see for miles, the view is beautiful, and giant birds feel like they're almost at our eye level. I feel lucky to work out in the open air.

I'm learning a lot about growing plants, about foraging the area for ramps, nettles, mushrooms and wild asparagus and about all this scenic area has to offer. I would never have guessed how entertaining "the middle of nowhere" actually is--but I should have known.

I'm hearing wonderful stories, ones that shock, amaze, or make me laugh--I hope they keep them coming. And soon, I'm sure, I'll have some of my own to share with you.


  1. I'm really looking forward to all your stories, Kara! It sounds like it has been a wonderful first week! Miss you and love you!

  2. Hi Kara - thank you for doing this blog - be fun to read about your adventures. Cant wait to hear about it tomorrow! love you - Krissy